GameThoughts: The Room

The Room is an iOS game released in 2012 by Fireproof Games. It won App Store Game of the Year in 2012 has has numerous other achievements (listed in its App Store description), and is a top 10 Highest Grossing Game in 103 countries.

I found this game while browsing the App Store a few months ago, as it was featured as Editor’s Choice. I decided to try the first room (since it’s free) and I was hooked. It’s a great puzzler that is interactive and engaging, and the controls were intuitive. By swiping to control the camera, double tapping to zoom in, and dragging objects across the screen, I navigated my way through four boxes (including the introduction). My only complaints about the controls is that where you zoomed in on the box was mainly up to how the game was feeling. Other than that, controls were great.

The game’s story and atmosphere are great; the game has beautiful graphics that displayed small details that really added to the complete experience of the game. The soundtrack was also made with the suspenseful story in mind, and the effects are very crisp, corresponding to actions you make and adding to the uncertainty that grows throughout the story. However, the story didn’t deliver the answers I wanted, so The Room 2 is one of my most highly anticipated games to buy.

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