Which lazy writer put this together?

UPDATE: I’ve completed the story, which makes a grand total of five pages. Nothing interesting for the Inventory, and steps taken is still blank… But feel free to enjoy the small amount of information our interactive fiction can provide!

First page...of 2

First page!


Funniest page we have!

Here is the Interactive “Fiction” that Jove and I worked on. It’s rather bare; only two slides are complete.

Now there’s a reason behind that. We took a while trying to figure out how to make new pages and links in the menu boxes on each page (all of which was of course explained in 5 minutes the next day). We at least got some text on the story…if you could call it that.

Oh well, try again when the creators get back to it!

4 thoughts on “Which lazy writer put this together?

  1. next time, you can go to jsarcade.com and download all the starter code so that you have the design all implemented. on your own time you can go through the book and follow through what each part of the code does!


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