Talking to the Giant

Stone Librande from Riot Games was courteous enough to give our class some of his time to explain what being a “Game Designer” is all about. He’s been in the field for about two decades, so if anyone knows what the industry is like, it’s Librande.

Librande told us a lot about his own experiences in the field, starting from his fascination with designing games; and not video games. He’s made hundreds of card games and board games over the years. He’s even made a magnet game to play on his refrigerator! Librande told us that many of the games that he’s helped to design originated from the board games that he’s made with a purpose in mind. Bringing his own card game into Blizzard Studios is how Librande entered the field in the first place.

Throughout his presentation, Librande stressed some simple facts:

  • Start with a small idea
  • Have a central theme, and stick to it
  • Always make a plan before doing any coding
  • Make a game for friends, rather than a huge audience
  • Fail earlier on in the process during testing
  • Follow what’s fun and interesting in a game
  • Delete things from an experience rather than add; make sure that what you have is as good as you can get it
  • Being an ignorant newbie and having no experience whatsoever, this talk gave a lot of insights into the design process, and also the understated role of a game designer in a video game. Thanks to Stone Librande for taking the time to talk to us!

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