Circles that Defy Physics

balls Here is the Processing program that I made with Emily and Claire. It contains four balls moving in different directions, and takes no account of the natural laws of this world.

We added a little interactivity to this program. If you try clicking the screen, the blue ball will move to where you clicked, so have fun playing with it!

4 thoughts on “Circles that Defy Physics

  1. I like the interactivity, but make sure that if you include extra features that you include it on the webpage in the html file so that other users know to click the screen to move the ball. People seeing your projects from your github page won’t see this blog post and won’t know to click to move the ball


    • I’ve made it so that if you drag the mouse, the ball will follow. I’m still having some problems with the release though; if your mouse stops moving, it will go on it’s merry way.


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