It’s a spoof of life in general…

2048oThis is the 2048 I worked on over the weekend. My friends and I love anime, and we decided to make a spoof of a certain one called Ouran Host Club.

I own zilch for this project. The photos were found on Google Images, and the game was forked off of Gabriele Cirulli’s github. I just coded them into the game…with a lot of difficulty XD

4 thoughts on “It’s a spoof of life in general…

    • The white didn’t work with the color scheme, so I changed it to blue and made the numbers bigger. Tell me if the number’s are helpful, otherwise, I can just take them out and leave the pictures 🙂


  1. Nicely done, this is the first 2048 clone we have seen from this class and it looks great. Excellent work combing through someone else’s code and realizing what needed to be changed. Now you can see why clear syntax and commenting are important.


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