Do-it Yourself

photo 3Today we had the good fortune to talk to Chaim Gingold, a designer, programmer, and producer for his interactive storybook called World Primer. Gingold is a PhD student who taught a Computer Simulations for Games class at UC Santa Cruz, which our own course is based on.

photo 1His new app, World Primer, has not yet been released on the App Store, but we were able to see a demo of a few elements that Gingold has included.

World Primer teaches about geomorphology; how landscapes will change over time under different conditions. Gingold has created an experience that will allow the participant to interact with his book and watch the changes described occur. With the inclusion of photographs taken from NASA and other organizations, the interactive diagrams will be linked to physical locations on the Earth where the changes have taken place.

photo 2Gingold has also included a sandbox for the participant, where they are able to create different conditions and watch the changes take place. With a multitude of tools to use, the feature will keep participants interested and entertained as they see nature at work.

Thanks again to Chaim Gingold who took the time to talk to us!

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