FSM_rpsThis is the finite state machine that displays all the options for the classic game “Rock, paper, Scissors”. Claire and I used this when making the game in Processing and creating multiple opponents for a player.

roshamboThere are three possible computer players: Stupid, Random, and the AI (dubbed “smart”). Experiment with each one to see what they do!

Claire did the programming (she’s totally awesome with that); I drew the pictures, so please enjoy the game!

10 thoughts on “Ro-Sham-Bo

    • So it was a combination of Claire’s ideas and my own but we put the previous choices made into a bucket list, then had the computer choose the element that beat whichever choice had the least.


  1. Next time, I challenge you to take the reigns on coding! It can be a challenge to get started and “speak” in computer language, but these things just take time and practice to get familiar with so the earlier you start, the better you’ll be!

    Nice job with the diagrams


    • I’ll try coding for the final project at least. No guarantees that what I code will actually make it into what we show XD


  2. Your personal link to the gh-pages version of the project seems to be broken. Don’t forget the requirements that you need to meet in order for GitHub to display your page online.

    As for the project, excellent start to the program, this is one of the more complete versions we have seen. However, I am a little confused by the smart AI, I don’t know if it is working correctly or if there are some bugs to it


    • The link has been fixed, thanks for telling me. As for the AI, it does what we’ve programmed it to do, so I suppose it’s working; it’s just not completely “smart” yet.


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