Apple’s Interns Need…Everything

Mike Marmarou came to talk to us yesterday about how to get a job at his company, Apple. Marmarou has worked in multiple departments such as music and photos, but came to talk to us about how to get into the software world.

He gave us a lot of good advice as aspiring high school programmers:

Learn the basics

    – Know the algorithms, the run times, the math, the languages, the platforms; try and get as much as experience as possible.

Find a passion

    – Do what you want to do, because there’s a lot of applications for technology in every field

Become an expert

    – Know more than anyone else, even if it’s only in one language; if you’re awesome in something, you will find someone who needs your expertise

Be innovative

    – Come up with new ideas all the time, be unique and make your own path

Marmarou also showed us a quote that I think everyone should pay attention to:

“Learn something about everything and everything about something.”
-Andrew Henry Huxley

Thanks again to Mike Marmarou for coming in to talk to us!


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