Insider on Internships

Our class was able to talk to Brandon Tearse from Google last week, who gave us plenty of good advice for the future. Tearse works in Google music, but was an intern before getting hired on. We were able to get the inside scoop about what interns do at Google, and how much they’re hated by the regular staff XD

Google takes on quite a few interns every year; Tearse gave an estimate of about 1 intern for every 10 employees. The lucky people who get these opportunities are able to pick a project and work on it over 10 to 14 weeks (depending on the intern’s time restraints). At the end of it they present their work: but there’s more to it than just that.

In order to be a success, an intern has to be creative and communicative; talking with their mentor and peers if they get stuck and being able to improve on ideas presented to them. Coding is not an individual job, though each project might be; each programmer talks to others to get an idea of what people think about the product and how it could be better. They collaborate to make the best outcome that they can and it’s through the learning experience that an intern has that the internship is graded as a success or a failure.

Onto the part you may be wondering about: why do Googlers hate their interns? That’s because the interns usually get to do the cool projects that aren’t seen as vital to the core of an App. If a Googler comes up with an idea like that, Tearse tells us that it’s put on “The List” – the one that the interns get to pick a project from.

While that may be true, Tearse assures us that an internship is really the best thing any student could experience, and I intend to believe him.

Thanks again to Brandon Tearse for talking to us!

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