Makey makes it!

Jay Silver is one of the creators of Makey Makey, and Beau Silver is his brother who helped him. Today we had the good luck to talk to both of them today in a Google Hangout.

Jay Silver explained the concept of the Makey Makey to us, and also told us what inspired him to make it: a multitude of things that hung around in his head, which he combined to make what thousands of people are using to be creative. He also told us how he got to where he is right now, especially talking about the MIT Media Lab, which accepted him for the inventor that does “research” by making creative instruments which everyone can use. He’s told us about how the success of Makey Makey has changed his approach to his projects, but accepts it; he says it’s where Makey Makey wanted to go.

He and his brother also ended by giving us the advice every high schooler could use wisely: be yourself, do what you want to do, and learn everything you can…while you can still learn it.

Thanks to the brothers Jay and Beau Silver who talked to us today!

You can watch a video of the Makey Makey here.

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