My Comic Book Hero

Sebastian Alvarado is a Post-Doctoral Biological Research Fellow from Stanford. He was generous enough to come in to talk to us about his experience in the field of video games; which is actually more than you’d think.

Alvarado helped to start a consulting company called Thwacke, which presents huge corporations in the entertainment field an opportunity to get academic knowledge on the science fiction which they include in their products. Thwacke has already consulted with companies an multiple occasions, helping in the making of the survival horror game Outlast, and also bringing the science into Marvel’s heroes such as Antman and Captain America.

In Outlast, Thwacke was consulted on the behavior of the patients towards the player; the creators at Red Barrels were also given tours of labs, one of which became the setting of a level in Outlast.

He was able to explain to us why Captain America could be frozen in the ocean, and still survive after he was thawed out. The academics that Thwacke is connected to have even been able to come up with a few hypotheses of what’s in the super-serum that Steve Rogers was injected with.

Thanks to Sebastian Alvarez for coming in to talk to us about his company and experiences!

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