Final Project Write-up

20140802-114400-42240351.jpgYesterday we presented our prototypes for the final project; I was working with Claire and Jeni, both of whom were pros at doing exactly what was needed.

Our project was Morse code, and in the end, we made two separate programs for the idea. One was the Arduino based program, which included the physical buttons. All three of us worked on that project, in order to work out all the problems we had. The finished product included four buttons: one for dots; one for dashes; one for a pause; and the last to play back the message.

20140802-114359-42239930.jpgThe other program was made by Claire on Processing; she was able to allow the user to input Morse code using the help of a Morse code key. The code that was imputed could then be translated into letters and numbers by the computer.

If we were to improve the product as a whole, we would connect the Arduino to input things into the computer directly. However, for only a couple days worth of programming, I’m quite happy with the result.

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