New Summer, New Programs

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog – the last time being a couple months after my last camp ended. Well it’s summer again, so I have a new camp called the National High School Gaming Academy, run through the Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Program. Over the next six weeks, I’ll be learning some programming, designing, 3D and 2D art, as well as sound design. This is all for the end objective of making a game with a small team of classmates – going through the whole development cycle in order to do this.

UnityHouseOur first piece of work has just been finished – the assignment was a house in Unity. Although my house is quite bare, I added other things such as balls and giant chairs and a table in order to provide some interaction.

UnityHouseGameThere is also the standard first-person asset that was downloaded into the scene, so when play testing, one can move through the environment and actually interact. The balls move and everything 🙂

As soon as I learn how to use the Unity web player, I’ll leave the house here.

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