Morse Code

I’d like to teach others about Morse Code: it’s history, how it works, and it’s various applications and uses.

People will be able to learn the history of Morse Code and some of the more common ways it was used. They can also memorize the provided Morse Code alphabet if they so wish.

I could use the Arduino, and program it to either emit a noise like communications used to be, or to turn on a light when a switch was pressed. They could also have some practice reading messages when the computer gives them one to decode as they go through the program.

Morse Code is the kind of technology that people can have a lot of fun with, as it’s historical and also still possible to communicate with. This exhibit would also provide physical interactivity, which the Exploratorium had a lot of.

(Diagrams to come)

Morse Code is common online, so there are multiple websites that allow translations or will teach the alphabet to you with charts and audio.

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