Sayonara Stanford

This post is really quite late, as I left Comp Sim… Suffice to say a while ago. It’s just taken that long for me to realize how great of an experience it really was for a first-time programmer like myself.

I learnt so much over the three weeks we had, and got a lot of practice in with all of the projects that we’ve done. My classmates are the best most creative bunch that I’ve met, and it was great getting to know everyone. I’ll miss all of the encouragement that was given by everyone, and all of their sparkling personalities 😉

A huge thank you to Sherol Chen, our awesome teacher. She put a lot of work into the class, and my experience was made better by her fun and dedicated teaching. Our class was definitely the most fortunate, with a few field trips and numerous guest speakers from many different fields. Everything was interesting and engaging, especially all of the experts who came to talk to us and give us advice.

Shout out to all the great people I met in this program! My summer’s that much better because I could meet all you kindred spirits!


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